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F10 Sponsors Frostskade 500 Race

F10 Sponsors Frostskade 500 Race

Force Ten are proud sponsors of the 2014 event which took some of the toughest, grizzliest people around and plunged them into -40c before the wind chill with no guarantee as to what the trail will look like (mother nature forgot to send the memo).

Using Force Ten equipment, the athletes completed the 500 mile race by traversing Norway, Finland and Sweden’s most unforgiving landscapes, over frozen rivers and through mountains to the finish line in Bardufoss, Norway.

Frostskade Arctic Challenge

Charlie Paton, former Royal Marine and founder of the race is a renowned Polar Adventurer and has spent more time in the Arctic than Santa Clause. With over 20 years of expedition experience; he has trekked thousands of kilometres over the frozen Icecaps including: Arctic, Antarctica, Greenland, Finland, Norway, High Canadian Arctic and Spitsbergen. He is also in double figures for standing at the Geographic North Pole.


He chose F10 to provide kit for the race as he wanted ‘something bombproof’ that had been ‘tested to destruction’ to ensure that it would be durable enough to withstand the Artic conditions and functional enough to be used when fatigue and the low temperatures take their toll on the participants senses.

We supplied Titan, Spindrift and Senitnel tents plus Endurance and Vector sleeping bags straight from our expedition range to shelter participants from the hostile environment that they would be exposed to.

Titan Tent Arctic

The racers needed kit that would withstand the worst weather should conditions turn bad during the race. Their requirements could change like the direction of the wind from needing kit that is big enough for all of their kit yet small enough to carry and will provide a good night’s sleep to lifesaving equipment that is quick to erect and strong enough to protect them from arctic storms.

The event was a resounding success and athletes crossed the finish line to the Frost Festival in Tromsø, a welcome site after and epic adventure.

Frostskade Finish

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